Our Services

We deliver end-to-end database solutions and services.

NAYA specializes in providing class-leading database architecture design, support and implementation services with full commitment and dedication for our customer needs. Our services includes:

  • Database performance tuning int high-end, concurrent, environments.
  • End-to-end database solution: from the application to the storage infrastructure.
  • Database assessment and review.
  • Proactive monitoring.
  • BigData & NoSQL database design and implementation.
  • 24X7 support services.
  • Database maintenance and administration.
  • Database replication (Oracle GoldenGate, Microsoft CDC and ETL platforms).
  • Database architecture design.
  • Database migration and data conversion projects.
  • Business Continuity and DRP.
  • Software development and consulting.
  • Database benchmarking and sizing.
  • BI and datawarehouse solutions.
  • RAC, ASM and GoldenGate in large scale deployments.
  • Database security and hardening.

We are your best partner for database consulting services. From designing complex database architectures, providing on-going support and consulting,  high-end performance tuning  to seamlessly maintain large, critical, production environments. We, at NAYA, provide our customers with a highly available, scalable, reliable and high-performance solutions.