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Naya Technologies

Data Platform & Software Development Managed Services

Data Science

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Data Science is for everyone and we will help you take the leap into the Data science era.

We will help you build the right algorithms to get the most out of your data, increase business productivity and performance.

Within a short time frame


Big Data & Relational DBs


We are DB & Big Data experts with a record of numerous successful projects. From technology selection, architecture design, security, and performance we will use you our knowledge to  provide you with bulls-eye solutions

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Software Development


We deliver expert software projects and consulting. whether it's spark or microservices based solutions we will help from concept development, requirements analysis, technology selection to complete implementation. 



Data Engeering


Using today's most advanced technologies and a holistic  approach to data platform we will help you build the data pipelines and data lake to perform better analysis,  visualizations and lay the foundations for machine learning optimization.




Considering migrating to the Cloud? 

Do you already have an existing Cloud-based environment?

We can help bullet-proof your Cloud deployment and make sure you unlock the full potential of your platform




BI isn't just about technology. You need get the hole picture and to have the right methodology.  

Our vast experience will guide through any BI process. From requirement  analysis to system architecture design, tools selection, implementation and data governance.


NAYA Technologies, part of EPAM Systems, Inc., is a global leader in Data Platform consulting and Development managed services. Founded in 2009, our distinct expertise has since been leading the industry in planning, deploying, and managing business critical information systems for large enterprises and leading startups.

We provide our customers with "best of class" data platform and program development services.  Our teams enjoy uncontested hands-on skills which have allowed us to develop, over time, industry leading best practices for end-to-end solutions.

From Data Platform architecture design through implementation and 24/7/365 support for mission critical systems, all with unwavering commitment and dedication to your data requirements.

Introduction - Naya Technologies

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