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Big Data & NoSQL

BigData and NoSQL projects require special database expertise in BigData concepts, NoSQL technologies best practices and implementation of non-relational databases.

Starting with the design of your organization BigData strategy to providing 24/7 support of production NoSQL clusters, our experts are always at your disposal.

We have years of experience in implementing BigData technologies across different industries and our team of BigData and NoSQL consultants will gladly assist you in selecting and implementing the NoSQL technologies most suited for your organization based on your business requirements.

Our Big Data Project Methodologhy


    Defining the Use-Case:

    What are your business          Goals?

  • Support large volumes of Data?

  • DWH enrichment & modernization?

  • Security, Fraud or Anomaly detection?

  • Big Data Exploration?

  • Operational Analysis?

  • Customer 360 Analysis?


Defining the Success Criteria

  • what is the business value?

  • what are the insights we wish to get?

  • How will the project be measured?


     Architecture & Technology Selection

  • Building the team

  • Remember, there is no single Big Data solution. Different technologies are suitable for different use-cases

  • What are the technologies out there

  • what are the differences and what are the right usages for each? 

  Development &   Implementation

  • End - to - End development and implementation

  • Working with internal teams to ensure knowledge transfer

  • Training, support & SLA upon project complition

Best Big Data Services, Spark & Hadoop Consultants

NAYA Technologies offers Big Data and Hadoop consulting services, helping both large companies and smaller startups meet their data processing needs. We’re a Cloudera training center and Cloudera & Hortonworks consulting partner.

Our Big Data experts can custom-tailor a solution to unlock your business’s full potential.

Architecture Design & Implementation


Tap into our extensive knowledge and best practices on creating and maintaining large-scale production Hadoop Clusters in Cloud and on-premise deployments.

NAYA’s Services Include:

  • Identify your business goals

  • Quantify success factors

  • Map data sources

  • Elect the right ecosystem technologies

  • Implementation


Hadoop Experts: Cloudera and Hortonworks 


The potential for business success by embracing next-generation Big Data solutions is immense, but only if you have the know-how on how to customize your architecture to fit your business requirements. NAYA’a consultants are certified professionals with quantifiable production experience with all the major Hadoop vendors: Cloudera and Hortonworks, in very large-scale deployments.


Big Data Pipelines & ETL


NAYA are experts in creating, maintaining and supporting complex data processing pipelines using a combination of packaged ETL solutions – from commercial tools to custom code in Spark Python, Spark Scala and Spark JAVA. From ad-hoc data transformations to scheduled and iterative processing orchestrated by Luigi, Amazon DataPipelines, Chronos or AirFlow, we have the expertise you need for making complex data processing scalable, reliable and high-performance.

Spark Consultants

Amazon EMR


Unlock the full power and potential of Hadoop for BigData processing while dramatically increasing both high availability and scalability. Also reduce operational overhead and the amount of IT and DevOps resources required to maintain large-scale Hadoop clusters. NAYA has proven experience in supporting Amazon EMR Hadoop Clusters with or without Amazon DataPipelines for both on-demand and persistence data processing.

SQL on Hadoop


Unlock the capabilities of your Hadoop cluster by making Big Data insights and analytics accessible to non-developers. Using SQL language allows data analysts and business users to query data that previously was left untapped. Our extensive experience with Impala, Hive + Tez, Apache Drill and Presto can make BigData easy to access for everyone in your organization.


Integrating Relational Databases & Hadoop


Hadoop “Data Lakes” do not exist in a vacuum and require complex connections and integration with your existing operational and analytical systems. Make sure your relational and NoSQL databases are connected to your Hadoop cluster to unlock the full potential of your business data. Most of our consultants have extensive experience as Oracle, SQL Server or MySQL DBAs and developers giving them a unique perspective on how to create holistic Big Data architectures that go beyond just Hadoop.

24X7 Hadoop Cluster Implementation & Support


Your world-class infrastructure needs world-class experts! Make sure your infrastructure is scalable, robust, performance tuned and proactively monitored. Either on-premise or Cloud (AWS, Azure and GCS) Ha clusters, we provide a wide range of services – from implementation and configuration to 24×7 support.


Data Science, Spark Development & BigData Analytics


Big Data analytics is not just about having the right set of technologies, it’s making sure you can get meaningful value out of your data. NAYA’s Spark, DataScience and Analytics teams deliver both end-to-end turn-key projects as well as ad-hoc data problem solving. Define your business requirements and let us code the Data Science algorithms and create the analytics, and get a final product which generates immediate business value.


Success Stories


"Since 2009, we had been receiving continuous DB and BI consulting and support services from Naya Technologies.

I would like to recommend the high quality of service, the technological capabilities and consultants availability I have came across throughout all the years of our joint work"

Pini Krisher, DB Team Manager, Etoro


"For over five years, Naya Technologies has been responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Haifa port data bases. Throughout the period, Naya's consultants demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, experience, high availability and excellent human relations"

Avi Eilander, IT & Information Security Team Manager, Haifa Port

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