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Are you considering migrating your existing on-premise databases to the Cloud? 

Do you already have an existing Cloud-based database architecture?

NAYA Technologies can help bullet-proof your Cloud deployment and make sure you unlock the full potential and capabilities of your platform.

From migrating on-premises databases to the cloud, to designing geo-redundant DR architectures, let our Cloud computing experts make sure your Cloud databases are secure, scalable and robust.

AWS, Oracle, Microsoft Azure and GCS Specialists!


Our Cloud DevOps team builds on years of experience managing production virtual data centers in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our expertise spans hundreds of customers successfully relying on public Cloud infrastructure to power their database architectures. From managing large-scale Hadoop clusters processing petabytes of data on AWS EC2 to the first production Oracle database in Microsoft Azure, our Cloud DevOps team has real-world experience making Cloud-based architectures a success for everyone.

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Storing your business data in “the Cloud” has a lot of promise in terms of scale, availability and reduced TCO. But it also brings the concern of data governance and protecting your data from unauthorized access. Our extensive experience in enforcing Cloud data compliance across all leading public Cloud platforms, can help protect your sensitive data and make sure only authorized and vetted users gain access.

From database data encryption to auditing and database firewall technologies, our hands-on experience and industry leading security best-practices guarantee you get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your data is safe and secure.


Amazon (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS)


Unlock Amazon’s Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service capabilities greatly simplifying Cloud deployments and reducing management overhead. Let NAYA’s Cloud DevOps team guide you though the world of Amazon services such as:

  • SQS

  • Kinesis and Kinesis Firehose

  • ECS

  • Lambda

  • EMR

  • CloudWatch

  • AWS DataPipelines

  • S3 and EBS

  • Elastic BeanStalk

  • DynamoDB

  • ELB

  • Redshift

We can help you choose the right service-based technologies to run alongside your Infrastructure-as-a-Service projects for successful hybrid architectures.


Amazon ECS


Amazon’a Elastic Container Services provides easy Cloud-based infrastructure solutions for running your Dockers in Amazon ECS with unlimited scalability. From running Python-based Data Science computations which require parallel processing to creating the auto-scale infrastructure for running thousands of MySQL/Galera instances, our field experience with Dockers and ECS can supercharge your DevOps and Cloud capabilities.


Amazon EMR & Azure HDInsight


Unlocking Hadoop’s BigData capabilities doesn’t have to be difficult! Leveraging the Hadoop-as-a-

Services capabilities AWS and Azure provide can greatly simplify the challenges of configuring and maintaining small and large Hadoop clusters by eliminating most of the administration overhead. Our extensive expertise in “all things Hadoop” goes beyond on-premise or IaaS Cloud-based Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR clusters and includes production experience in deploying EMR and HDInisght that can scale on-demand with almost zero administration overhead.


Extreme High Availability & Scalability


Leverage the autoscaling and cross-region DR capabilities of the leading public Cloud platforms to make sure your database architecture can keep up with the demand of your applications! From automatic scale-up and scale-out to geographic redundancy and data sharding, our consultants can provide your Cloud-based databases with the SLA you need. Set your targets for high availability and performance and let us take care of the rest.


Database Migrations


Migrating existing databases from on-premise data-centers to public Cloud platforms can seem as a daunting task that involves a lot of complexities and risks – unless you have the right experts at your service! NAYA’s unique combination of expertise with Cloud platforms and CDC (Change Data Capture and Delivery) technologies enables minimal and zero downtime migrations from on-permise database to the Cloud.

It doesn’t matter if you are running Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase or other relational or NoSQL database technologies, leverage our expertise in to ensure your Cloud migration projects are a success and that no data is lost or downtime impacts your applications.


Success Stories


"we are receiving support and consulting services from Naya Technologies for the past 8 years.

I would like to point out the high quality of work done on our site. The company's consultants have proven professional, responsive speed and caring in all their activities on the site"

Yakov Habusha, CIO, The Center for Educational Technology (CET)

David Har Zahav.jpeg

"Attunity has been receiving, since 2009, continuous DB and BI maintenance, consulting and support services
from Naya Technologies. 
I would like to point the quality of service, and professionalism I came across
Throughout the years of our joint work both on and off-site"

David Har-Zahav, Director of IT. Attunity Ltd


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