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On-Site Consulting

On-Site Consulting Services

Engage directly with one of our 80 full-time, professional consultants

Tap into NAYA Tech’s industry-leading database & Development expertise, by engaging directly with one of our 80 full-time Data Science, Development, Database, BI, BigData and Cloud experts, for short-term or long-term projects. 

We deliver our services in various formats: full-time employees, ad-hoc projects and condulting,  on-site or remotely

From architecture design sessions to hands-on database implementation and support, our team can help solve any current challenges you have as well as help you future-proof your infrastructure and applications


  • Engage directly with over 80 database, BI, BigData and Cloud consultants on-site in you office

  • Wide range of consultation services: from database and big architecture design to hands-on technical troubleshooting

  • Choose your expert for the specific technologies you are using and based on the exact challenges you want to solve (architecture design, BigData, performance tuning, high availability, database migrations, Cloud platforms and more!)

  • Our flexible consulting approach enables a wide range of service offerings – from as little as one day to multi-year long contracts

  • Combine on-site and remote DBA services to help fulfill your exact business needs and requirements with flexible pricing models.

Business Models:

Fixed Price 

  • Naya will provide you with a Project Quotation that describes the project scope and schedule in detail.

  • The payment is scheduled for a Fixed Price/Fixed Date agreement depends on project milestones and duration.

  • This model is recommended for middle-size projects, where the scope of the project is defined and timelines are aggressive.

  • This is the most cost-effective outsourcing solution to take advantage of.


Contact us and schedule a call with one of our experts 

Thanks! Message sent.

Time and Material

  • In this case the "full time equivalent" scheme is applied, which means that the customer is charged at a monhly / Hourly rate for each employee dedicated to the customer's project.

  • All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by project reports.  

  • This model is recommended for middle-size and large projects which are dynamic and have fluidity.

  • It provides the customer with maximum control over deliverables and the team which works on the project

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