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Oracle performance tuning, Real Application Clusters, SLA services, DataGuard, GoldenGate, Grid Control, Database Security and more...

SQL Server performance tuning, data replication, DR, SLA services, development consulting and support, clustering, upgrades, security and more...

MySQL and PostgreSQL database design, performance tuning, DR, high availability, cloud platforms and more...

​Oracle Database

Oracle Managed Services

Oracle Databases are powering some of the most complex and demanding information systems worldwide. High volume throughput and high TPS mission critical databases require special expertise to run as smoothly as possible - minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

Our team of world class Oracle experts provides complete end-to-end consulting services for your critical databases including designing, planning, implementing, and offering 24/7 support for VLDB Oracle databases.

Our proven and successful track record in Oracle database consulting spans multiple industries - Financial & Banking, Forex, Commercial, Military and government, Telecommunications, Gaming, and startups.

  • Design, implement, upgrade, patch and support mission critical Oracle databases.

  • Design and implement Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Oracle DataGuard configurations for maximizing business continuity.

  • Design and implement Oracle GoldenGate for real time data replication across heterogeneous databases.

  • Advanced performance tuning for VLDB Oracle databases – hundreds of terabytes, thousands of TPSs.

  • Enterprise-grade proactive monitoring with Oracle Cloud Control 12c and additional commerical and OpenSource technologies.

  • Integrattion and data ETL from Oracle databases to other relational and non-relational NoSQL databases.

  • Zero downtime upgrades for keeping database versions and patches up to date while minimizing business impact.

  • Oracle database security and hardening with McAfee Sentrigo and additional market leading technologies.

  • Implementing and upgrading to Oracle 12c for leveraging new features for your existing and new applications.

SQL Server

SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 Managed Services

High-end SQL Server databases require special expertise to achieve and maximize the performance and availability offered by the Microsoft database platform.


Our team of SQL Server experts is always at your service providing 24X7 support and consulting for mission critical SQL Server databases - from daily administration to high-end performance tuning, we got your needs covered.


  • Design, implement, and support mission critical SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008 / 2012 / 2014 databases.

  • Near zero downtime migrations and upgrades.

  • Design and implement SQL Server Clusters and replication-based DR for maximizing database high availability and business continuity.

  • Performance tuning for enteprise-grade VLDB SQL Server databases – hundreds of terabytes, thousands of TPSs.

  • Monitoring and management of hundreds of SQL Server instances in production deployments.

  • Integration and data replication between SQL Server databases and relational / non-relational NoSQL databases using SSIS and other commercial and OpenSource ETL technologies.

  • Implement and upgrade to SQL Server 2014 to leverage new features for your existing and new applications.

MySQL and PostgreSQL

Open Source Managed Services / Cloud Databases 

Modern OpenSource relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL allow our

clients to meet and exceed their requirements for high-performance, highly available database solutions, while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) for the entire technology stack.

Our OpenSource technologies team includes some of the best MySQL and PostgreSQL experts worldwide and we provide complete services - from proactive monitoring and 24/7 support to performance tuning and implementing database development best practices.


Our expert team of consultants allows our clients to combine the power of MySQL and PostgreSQL with the benefits of running databases in the Amazon cloud, thus maximizing performance, scalability, and administration.


  • MySQL & PostgreSQL high availability and DR.

  • Amazon Cloud / Rackspace / Microsoft Azure cloud implementations and migrations.

  • Performance tuning for VLDB multi-TB MySQL & PostgreSQL databases.

  • Proactive remote and on-site monitoring of PostgreSQL and MySQL.

  • Migration from/to commerical to database to MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  • 24/7 DBA call center for mission critical databases.


Migrations to MySQL & PostgreSQL Open Source Databases

NAYA Tech’s professional team of consultants will take care of your entire migration process!

Dramatically reduce operational TCO and increase operational flexibility by migrating existing commercial databases to open source solutions based on MySQL and PostgreSQL.

You don’t have to worry about application compatibility, query performance and high availability. Our team of consultants will take care of the entire migration process as an end-to-end, fully delivered, turn-key solution.

NAYA Tech’s DB Migration Services

  • Migrate your existing databases to open source platforms with Zero-Downtime based on our unique combination of methodology and technologies

  • Deploy MySQL and PostgreSQL as Cloud or on-premise solutions

  • Optimize query performance across different DB platforms assuring queries run at equivalent or increased performance on you new open source based DB architecture

  • Deploy 24×7 monitoring and proactive alerts for your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases that will rival the capabilities of expensive commercial solutions

  • Enable MySQL and PostgreSQL to exceed five-nines of high availability using clustering, replication, backup & recovery and DR technologies

  • No need for an expensive license! Let NAYA be your MySQL and PostgreSQL “vendor” by providing all of your open source databases with 24×7 on-call DBA support, maintenance, patching, upgrades and administration

Success Stories


"The service experience with Naya Technologies is exceptional and has no competition in the Data Platform market. The high level of professionalism and the immediate availability of the consultants enable us to be completely relaxed with regard to our databases. Beyond the on-going routine care, their consultants work proactively and take care of the problems before they even occur"

Ido Porat, Director of Production & Services. Bolt


"With Naya I can be sure that our databases are in good hands. I've been working with Naya for a few years now and it has always given the fastest and most professional response even during unusual hours. Beyond the handling of our important and sensitive database, I always receive preferential treatment, full availability and the possibility of receiving additional solutions on tangential issues such as programming development or BI"

Vered HazratiBusiness Solutions Manager at Telit

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