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World's #1 BI & Analytics Tool

Get Meaningful Dashboards, Reports and Analytics within minutes.

Gain Actionalbe Insights and Increase your Business Value

Enjoy Amazing Visualization Capabilities

Easly Connect to any Data Source Including Big Data Platforms

Naya Technologies and Tableau

  • Naya partnered with Tableau to provide Israeli market with the fastest, most accurate insights-driven BI solutions.


  • With Naya's BI experties - creating insightful Dashboards, data portals and Analytical solutions is made easy and fast.


  • In fact, we are so sure of Tableau's suitabilty - that we will give you the POC free of charge. If we didn't provide value within few hourse - don't pay us.


Special offer




Get the POC for free !!!

Top 6 Reasons why Tableau is the world's leading BI & Analytics tool?


Tableau is so easy to use

Anyone can start working with Tableau within just a few minutes


Tableau’s simple drag and drop interface is easy to learn, meaning you don’t need to be a data genius to operate it.


Tableau eliminates unnecessary development complications it goes straight to the point - finding value in the data.


It Provides Business Value 

With data investigation - one question leads to the other.

Tableau "understands" your data out-of-the-box and the interface actually allows you to cruese through the data

so, you can ask new questions and get immediate answers


Mangers no longer depent on BI developers and do not need to wait for days to get insights.


That means your organization can make rapid BI business decisions and get the business advantage.



It Provides Stunning visualizations

The most recognizable advantage Tableau has over competitors is its ability to produce beautiful data visualizations. 


Hands down, Tableau offers the most attractive yet functional data visualizations of any data visualization software.


It Connects to every data

Tableau's engine is taliored for Big Data. it proccesses huge amounts of data effortlessly.


also, tableau allows you to combine data from differners sources into a single report without the need of an ETL.


The user-friendly interface and the fast data engine enables processing data from various sources with unprecedented intuition.


Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source - Databases, Cubes, Excel, Big Data, Google, Salesforce, ect. 


It's compatible across multiple platforms

Tableau has revolutionized the business analytics industry by making insight immediately accessible to anyone – whether it’s through a desktop tool, web browser, iPad or mobile phone.


Gartner marks Tableau a world leader

For the third time in a row, Tableau is a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report.


That means that the worlds leading BI analysits also recognize Tableau's value.


that also means the Tableau keeps on developing new features that are leading the world. 

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