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Data Science

Create a Substantial Business Value In a Short Time Frame

Machine Learning is applicable to any organization

Data Science Benefits

Gain Advanced Business Insights

Grow Your Income 

Improve Your Operational Efficiency

Predict and Forecast All Around Your Data

Enhance Your Customers Experience 

Boost Performance With Optimization Algorithms  

In the past few years Data Science and Machine learning had been revolutionized.

The Technology that used to be owned by a few is now made accessible to the masses. 

You no longer need to employ a statistics phd in order to build and implement a Data Science solution for your business.

Since 2009, Naya Technologies helps organization to better understand their data.

Contact us and, together, we will help you build and implement a technological solution of great business value in a relatively short period .

What would a Data Science project look like?


Intro Meeting


Define Business Usecase


Data Inspection


Algorithm Building 



Over the years we have accumulated vast knowledge in a variety of machine learning areas:  

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Image Processing

  • Recommender Systems

  • Optimization Problems

  • Forecasting Problems

  • Clustering & Segmentation

  • User Journey Analysis

  • Churn

  • Anomaly and Fraud detection

  • Customer LTV

  • Operations Research

Success Stories


"I would like to point out the high quality of work done by Naya's Expert, for many years, at our site. The company's consultants have proven professionalism, fast responsiveness, and high service level in all their actions"

Yair Gutman, Team Lead, Nice-Actimize 

Hagit Zamir.jpeg

"Naya's services are of a very high standard. The developers are an integral part of the overall development team, and have demonstrated great professionalism, good interpersonal skills, and the ability to meet deadlines and tasks. Therefore I strongly recommend working with Naya Technologies"

Hagit Zamir, VP R&D, Thetaray

Contact us and schedule a call with one of our experts 

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