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TurnKey Solutions for Database, BI, DataScience and Cloud

Define your business goals and requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Projects and Delivery Methods

NAYA Tech can deliver a fully functional solution that can meet and exceed your requirements  – from end-to-end real time and big data based systems, to Business Intelligence and advanced Analytics solutions to implementing database high availability and DR.

When we deliver services, you get both the project management as well as the hands-on technological expertise – all in one place.

Best of all,  our PMP certified project managers have extensive database and development engineering backgrounds.

On-Site projects

  • The project is carried out on the customer’s site.

  • personnel are fitted to customer's requirements and environment 

  • Developers are pre-approved by customer

Near Shore Projects

  • All project development is done on Naya's premises.

  • Customers are kept fully aware of each project stage

  • material results are provided to clients regularly on a pre-arranged basis.


Off Shore Projects

  • This model allows customer to extend their software team

  • Naya will forms a pre-selected dedicated team 

  • Team adopts customer’s practices and methodologies

  • Project management can be done by Naya / customer


BigData, Analytics & DataScience Projects

We can turn your raw data into valuable and meaningful business insights. From setting up the BigData infrastructure to developing the DataScience algorithms, and creating powerful analytics our approach towards BigData project delivery can allow you to unlock the full business potential previously hidden in your datasets.


Database Migration Projects

Reduce database TCO and IT costs by delivering end-to-end migrations from commercial databases to the world’s leading open-source databases solutions. Database migrations can be complex and can involve a lot of difficulties in assuring that applications will not break once the database platform has changed as well as migrating huge amounts of data from one platform to another. Let us help facilitate worry-free db migrations, all with zero downtown and guaranteeing full application functionality.


High Availability & DR

Define the SLA you require and let us design, configure and deploy the optimal set of db features, technologies and infrastrcture, based on your existing db platforms. You’ll achieve and even exceed your desired SLA – up to six nines of high availability! (99.9999%). In addition, we specialize in database DR providing you with peace of mind and knowing that your critical data is safe and secure.


Databases in the Cloud Projects

We are experts in public Cloud platforms. If you’re considering migrating your on-premise databases to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP, or even creating hybrid on-premises and Cloud deployments, we can help take away the complexity by providing end-to-end migrations to public Cloud providers. Using our extensive experience with CDC technologies (Continuous Data Capture & Delivery) we can enable minimal to zero downtime Cloud migrations.



Most of our projects include training.

Our final objective is to pass the required knowledge to customer teams and have customer's developers take the project on.

Depending on customer's developer starting point Naya will provide a tailored- made courses and learning materials.

Training can be held at customer's site or at Naya College


Warranty and Support

Upon project's completion, all project deliverables remain under Naya's warranty for a specified time period.

As a customer, you enjoy our 24 X 7 support center available for you at any time.

All calls and open tickes are handled according to a pre-defined and strict SLA requirnments

Contact us and schedule a call with one of our experts 

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