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Data Engineering

Integrative Solutions for Data Transformations, Aggregation Pipelines and Data lakes

 launching a big data initiative? moving to the cloud? revamping your existing solution? we will help you go from data to insights

Naya’s Data Engineering service helps your organization build the data transformation pipelines and data lake you need to perform better analysis, generate better visualizations, and lay the data foundations for artificial intelligence and machine learning optimizations Using today's most advanced technologies

We use a holistic approach to your data platform:

Cloud DevOps

  • Full CI/CD

  • Ops visibilty and control


Data Science

  • Deterministic Models – Business rules

  • Predictive Models – Machine Learning

  • Recommendation Engines

Application Services

  • Application/Visualization Dev

  • APIs/Gateways

  • Voice Interface

  • 3rd party integrations


ETL Services

  • Batch oriented

  • Micro-batch

  • True Streaming (open socket)

  • Validation




  • Mappings and transforms

  • Cleansing/Tagging

  • Streaming/Batch Aggregations

Storage Optimization

  • Hot/Cold – Tiered storage


  • Document/Search Stores

Spark/ Python / Scala/ Kafka integration

Our consultants offer their expertise with the following technologies: 

Test-driven development, continuous integration and delivery - Git, Jenkins​

  • Automation - Ansible

  • Containerization - Docker

  • API deployment of data models - Flask / Django + Tornado / Gunicorn /  Cherrypy, etc

  • Hadoop tech - Hive, Spark, Yarn

  • Messaging system - Kafka, AWS Kinesis, etc

  • Linux/Unix system, shell scripting

  • Spark based Python, Java, or Scala code ​


Our Services

We have vast experience with designing and building cross-organization data pipelines. Weather it's a streaming or a batch-oriented process we will help you gather data, clean, process, and make useful information available via APIs or Dashboards:

  • Developing complete end-to-end Data Pipelines

  • Ingesting Data from various sources into desired destinations

  • Managing various file format conversions

  • Performing Data Transformations

  • Performing Data Cleansing

  • Maintaining Data Integrity

  • Developing Data Models

  • Performing ETL and/or ELT jobs

  • Enriching Data for downstream Analytical Purposes

  • Performing Data Analytics

  • Performance Tuning


Success Stories


"Naya had been supplying us with consultancy, support and maintenance services in all data related areas. From DBs, Complex ETLs processes, performance tuning, monitoring and High Availability.

Naya's service is very professional. Based on my experience I strongly recommend working with Naya" 

Omer Dinar, Manager, Operational units, command and control. Mekorot


"The service experience with Naya Technologies is exceptional and has no competition in the Data Platform market. The high level of professionalism and the immediate availability of the consultants enable us to be completely relaxed with regard to our databases. Beyond the on-going routine care, their consultants work proactively and take care of the problems before they even occur"

Ido Porat, Director of Production & Services. Bolt


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