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Business Intelligence

Complete end-to-end BI projects and solutions

From BI Strategy design through implementation, data visualization and organisational integration 

For over 10 years, we have been delivering BI consulting services to make sure you enjoy the BI solution that fully satisfies your business needs. If you are just setting off on your BI journey, our consultants can help you develop your individual BI strategy, as well as support you throughout all the subsequent stages of the project until your BI system is successfully adopted. And if you are in the middle of your BI adventure, we can help you improve the existing BI solution, in case you are experiencing troubles with it. In a word, we are ready to help regardless of the stage you are at.

BI strategy design

You decided to start a BI project. whether it's implementing BI from scratch or part of a BI modernization process you are about to take important decisions that will impact your organization for the years to come. You might meet with BI vendors who will try to push and sell you their products. What you realy need is a trusted advisor that will understand your needs and  help you take the right decisions.

We will help you:

  • Develop your long-term BI vision.

  • Create a clear roadmap and project plan so that your transformation process will run smoothly.

  • Recommend the technology stack to cover your business needs or help you choose the best match out of several available options.



You know where your BI is going, we will help you get there.

we will provide you a complete source-to-target operational processes and all the dashboards and reports needed to start your BI era.

Within a full turn-key project or by guidance and training  we will

  • Develop a data warehouse

  • design ETL (extract, transform, load) processes

  • OLAP cubes

  • create reports and dashboards (all or any element of the listed).

  • Plan your solution’s capacity taking into account projected business growth.

  • Provide mobile BI.

  • Set up self-service BI.

  • Ensure security.



Providing a solid BI platform isn't enough.

Old habits die hard; and we need to make sure users are dropping their old way of data analysis and adopting the new methodologies and technologies.

we will work with your users all along the process and after delivery we will 

  • Monitor system usage and users activity

  • provide multiple training sessions to the different user groups

  • Handle any adoption issues, data mismatches and users requests


BI Modernization

If your traditional, IT-centric, BI solution has become out-of-date and doesn’t cope with satisfying the growing business users needs - we will help you to take the next leap. 

Whether by implementing Big Data and NoSQL solutions, cloud based services, data engineering technologies or by adopting new, advanced, BI platforms we have the experience to guide you through your evolving BI adventure

Our consultants will:

  • Provide a health check of the existing solution to reveal the gaps and the areas to improve.

  • Redesign the data warehouse.

  • Redesign or fine-tune ETL.

  • Automate reports.

  • Redesign dashboards so that they are more intuitive and informative.


Data governance & Data Quality

You need to have to make business decisions relying on the reports that you don’t fully trust.

Empowering users and providing self service BI creates new challenges to BI managers. You need to be sure that your data is complete, up-to-date and error-free.

We have developed a complete end-to-end Data Governance methodology that handels all modern BI challenges: division between old and new tools, report authoring process, permissions, reports and data sources certifications

Our consultants will:

  • Develop data governance process to best match your organization's needs and structure

  • Set up data quality assurance processes.

  • Help you guide managers and users with adopting the recommended methodology

  • Test your data warehouse, ETL, reports and dashboards


Data visualization

Sometimes you just need a quick data visualization process.

Whether it's replacing an existing, front-end based (Angular / .net) interface in your application or just connecting to your operational data and exposing it to users.

With years of data visualization experience in our portfolio of BI services, we will help you setup a complete data visualization solution.
we can:

  • Tailor reports and dashboards to user needs

  • Solve security challenges

  • Develop versions for mobile devices

  • Make sure reports present the important information and help you to immediately spot critical data


Success Stories

"With the long familiarity I have and the ongoing BI activity the bank has with Naya Technologies and with Yoni, the company's CEO, I can personally recommend both the level of service we receive and the level of professionalism of Naya's technical staff"

Eyal Zafrany, Team Manager. Bank of Israel

Eyal Zafarni.jpg

"Naya Technologies has been providing professional services to the Bank of Israel since 2016 Including consulting and training with the implementing of new  technologies in the organization

These services are provided at a high professional level and to our full satisfaction".

Eyal Zafrany, Head of BI, Bank of Israel 

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