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Software Development

Software Development Services Using Latest Cutting Edge Technology

On the cutting edge of software development, we continuously master our skills in such tech trends as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and big data. we will help you on=board those technologies, in the best manner, into your applications.

  • Development from scratch - comprehensive all-round development from the in-depth analysis of your business to user training and support. 

  • Development based on a requirements specification - You share your precise preferences and we do the rest to turn your vision into a real ready-to-go solution.

  • Legacy software modernization - We upgrade your existing software, enhance its architecture, smoothly integrate new and old solutions and provide safe data migration.


End-to-End Product Development

Our Dev Teams build web and desktop solutions that help our customers to automate existing workflows, streamline business processes, and facilitate data management.

We strive to achieve high levels of concurrent access, as well as enable your business to innovate quickly and scale continuously to meet customer demands.

with hundreds of successful products delivery under the belt, our company has a clear vision of key project development stages and their interrelations.

Being on the edge of innovations through market-disruptive technologies, Naya is contributing to the project evolution with technical expertise at all of the stages.

  • Business case clarification and visualization

  • Proof of Concept (PoC)

  • A minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Production grade development

  • Implementation, maintenance, and support


Software Consulting

With deep experience in software engineering, we provide a wide range of consulting services undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your existing system, mapping out your plan on the introduction of new components, and guiding you in the complex software world.

For us, it’s important to find the right solution that is flexible and cost-effective and perfectly corresponds to your business goals and IT strategy. We take into consideration the size of your business, your industry, the objectives you pursue, tasks you want to carry out, challenges you run into and help you save money, make money, and streamline your business operations with wisely considered software solutions.

  • Requirements analysis - Clarify, prioritize, and disambiguate the business, architecture and system requirements and resolve conflicting issues in them. We assess their feasibility, provide comprehensive use-case diagrams, business process and data flows models. As a result, you get a clear, logically laid-out requirements specification that will be a reliable guide for the project team and that will answer your specific business needs and goals.

  • Technology selection - We assist you in choosing the most appropriate technology for your future solution as well as in replacing an outdated and ineffective one. We offer trusted adviser third-party advice on the technologies for your future solution, define which one will adequately solve the problems you may face and bring max value to your project.

  • Architecture Development - we help you choose the optimal design (with multi-tier, microservices, reactive or cloud-native approach) for your future software. Our team delivers a clear application architecture ready for multiple integrations with your or third-party systems and help you optimize your software for increased reliability and performance, future scalability, engaging UX, big data introduction, implementation of real-time components, etc.

  • Integration roadmap - we ensure seamless integration with a variety of third-party products and solutions and guarantee secure, smooth, and consistent connection between systems without data duplications and slowdowns to make their work convenient and avoid manual data input.

  • Protect your software from security risks - Understanding constantly evolving security threats and using best practices and tools of multi-level control, we help you introduce the highest standard of safety, confidentiality, integrity, and authentication to create a bulletproof armor for your software and win the trust of its future users


  • We advise you on how to ensure the reliability of your future software, recommending architecture and design patterns, developing secure software development guidelines, etc.

  • We monitor how protected and robust your existing software is against cyberattacks and offer a set of options to upgrade your software security and eliminate the identified security and privacy vulnerabilities.

  • We help you stay compliant with strict industry-specific security requirements (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), providing professional guidance from our field experts.

  • Quality Assurance - our team establishes a structured QA strategy if you don’t have one or review your existing QA process and help to enhance its efficiency.


Advanced Development Methods - Agile, Scrum SDLCs and CI \ CD to deliver the entire range of software development services

  • Software product development

  • Software componennt integration

  • SAAS Development

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Legacy Code migration

  • Custom App Development

  • Clinet \ Server Programming

  • Software Architecture & Design

  • Cloud Applications

  • Configuration Managment


Cloud Enablement and Development

Naya customers ship in new features and updates faster than competition, on a regular basis, and with more confidence because of the serverless and microservices-based architectures coupled with CI/CD. In contrast to monoliths, microservices-based solutions allow for avoiding long-term commitment to a single technology stack. This way, you can easily move away from legacy technologies and upgrade parts of the system independently with no downtime.

Naya provides a team of certified cloud architects, administrators, and engineers to help you to implement, automate, and manage private and hybrid clouds and make your IT infrastructure more flexible and scalable.

  • Automation

  • Architecture design, development, and optimization

  • Administration, maintenance, and 24/7 support

  • Private PaaS enablement

Code Modernization

Naya brings a strategic shift by promising a brand-new life for business-critical legacy monoliths.

We will assess your portfolio and identify the apps that will benefit from porting to a serverless architecture. In the course of portfolio assessment, we stick to the following best practices:

  • Determine business critical features that need replatforming in the first place

  • Extract business logic from the existing application to base a standalone microservice on it

  • Perform an incremental decoupling of a monolith into a microservices-based application

  • Cloud-native application architecture design

  • Setup of CI/CD pipelines to enable full test coverage and automated, reproducible delivery of application changes to production


Data Engineering & Data Science - Spark based development

Data Science and Machine Learning revolutionize the approach to transforming data into valuable insights, to improve existing workflows and improve customer service, efficiency, and profitability. By joining the forces of big data and Machine Learning, our customers are able to detect anomalies in massive, evolving datasets, recognize patterns to make predictions, and enable preventative maintenance.


Enhance Your Team

Extend your in-house team with talent from Naya. Our company engages only highly skilled experts with solid experience. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with:

  • a profound expert focused on a required field, complementing your existing team

  • a custom team comprising 2–10 professionals who will assist in developing or supporting your project

  • a dedicated team that can take full responsibility for your project—from a prototype to MVP


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