AWS Cloud Database Migration Services


Our top migration consultants can safely migrate your databases to AWS with virtually no downtime

The Cloud is the new normal. Customers worldwide are adopting a Cloud-first approach to data platform services by migrating on-premise databases to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This dramatically reduces operational and licensing costs and increases high availability, disaster recovery, and even boosts query performance.

NAYA’s team are specialists in taking existing applications and databases and seamlessly migrating them to Amazon AWS, with zero or near zero downtime. Let us help your next migration project be as bullet-proof and cost effective as possible!

Migrate data as well as schema to AWS as a “turn-key” solution

Every cross-platform db migration project has two major aspects: migrating data and modifying schema structure, while ensuring application compatibility and query performance. Our experts can handle both aspects of your projects reducing application downtime to zero or near-zero using live data migration techniques and delivering compatible schema changes that will optimize application compatibility and performance.

Migration of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server to Amazon RDS


Amazon RDS is the world’s leading “Database-as-a-Service” offering making it super-easy to deploy and manage Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL relational databases. This is done with minimal administration, increased high availability and dramatically reduced TCO. We help companies eliminate the administration and management overhead of “baby-sitting” on-premises on virtualized databases by migrating to Amazon’s RDS solutions.

Our migration DBAs will take care of the entire process of moving your DIY databases to AWS RDS with minimal or zero downtime and all the while ensuring no vendor lock-in.

Data and Schema migrations using AWS Database Migration Services (DMS), Attunity, DBVisit and GoldenGate

Migrate your databases easily and securely to AWS while keeping the source databases fully operational throughout the process. Reduce application downtime to zero or near zero.

NAYA’s DBAs turn database migrations into a science using a combination of “field-tested” custom best practices, AWS-centric data movement technologies (such as DMS) as well as proprietary (Attunity Replicate, DBVisit, GoldenGate) and open

source (Tungsten) solutions. Benefit from reduced TCO and increased operational stability.

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