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Rename a SQL Server instance

This week we do a change in our QA environment.

The architecture were looks like this –

Node1 – SQL Server 2014 Enterprise

Node2 – SQL Server 2014 Enterprise

On the database-level we had high availability with AlwaysOn availability groups, the QA and the developers connected by listener.

This week we decided, that we do not need 2 nodes for this environment, and are feeling just fine with only single server.

So, the plan was to remove node 2 and to rename node 1 to the listener name.

That why the title name is - Rename a SQL Server instance :)

If you were looking online you probably run across this article - Rename a Computer that Hosts a Stand-Alone Instance of SQL Server

But, it’s not covered maintenance plan issues.

Day after the change we have found out that all our maintenance plan have failed.

That because, the old server name is embedded in the XML that contain the maintenance plan configuration.

There is a fix for this kind of action and it to rebuild etch maintenance plan.

Or, you can use this script:

I was advised by a post by NancySon and change it a bit in order to fit SQL Server 2014 instead of 2008.

That change the old name to the new one.

Hope that help you.

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