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A rich man's problem…

It is not a secret that I love Red Gate tools… Well if it was, now you know. J

I have SQL prompt on my own laptop and on my two other clients of mine; I ask from my clients to buy the SQL prompt because I truly believe that its cut the time of work that we DBA\SQL Developer do all day.

At first, you can style the looks of your code, whether you like spaces or tab for example.

Second, you can save your script and in a time of need to get them in a second all from the SQL Server Management Studio.

Third, you no longer need to write and complete the starting of a saved word. For example, let us say you write a lot "SELECT * FROM", with Red Gate prompt you can save this in keyword "ssf".

Now, whenever you will write the chars "ssf" and the key Tab\Space… It will automatically complete the rest and will put the cursor marker at the right spot waiting for you to complete the table or view name.

Now. Please tell me that by reading only those words does not make you want to buy this feather for you.

Therefore, total I have three SQL prompt accounts.


So, why do I have a problem you ask?

That because on each account I have different snippets.

My problem is that sometimes I need you synchronize the snippets of all the accounts…. A problem, don't you think?!

Until now, I have zipped the folder and send it via mail to the other computer whenever I added some new snippets or update some of the old ones.

That is a good method but you need to remember to find the new snippet and remember to send it.

Perhaps this is not big of a deal for you. For me, it is a completely different story.

This problem finds the right solution for me by writing some code that will do all of that for me.

I have used my DropBox account for the repository and I put all the snippets from one computer in a specific folder in DropBox.

The code uses a Config file that holds 2 indications. One for the source and the other for the target.

When I activate the app, it synchronizes the Red Gate snippets and the DropBox repository.

I did the same on all three computers. That way I keep the repository updated all the time.

Whenever I want to synchronize the current computer, I just activate the app.

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